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Custom Engraving

Frequently Asked Questions

> What parts can be engraved?

Derby Covers  - TC, Evo, Sportsters, Vrod

Inspection Covers - Touring & Softail/Dyna

Timer Covers  - TC, Evo, Sportsters

HyperCharger Trap Doors

Air Cleaner Covers for Twin Cams

Road King Wind Deflectors

Fuel Lids for the 'Glides'  & 'Classics'

Top Cover for S&S Air Cleaner Covers

> What's the process for existing designs?

  1. Select a design.
  2. Determine if the design is available for the part to be engraved
  3. Place your order.

> What's the process for a Custom design?

  1. Supply a picture or sample of the design to be engraved. 
  2. An artist will create a black and white image for engraving
  3. A full-color proof is forwarded for your approval.
  4. Once approved, the part is engraved/plated/painted.

> How long does it take?

  • Generally, 5 weeks once the art is approved.  (1) Week for the engraving, (3) for chrome plating and (1) for the painting

> Is this a part exchange?

  • No.  You keep your parts.  Place an order, and the part is supplied.  For Derby Covers and Fuel Lids, original HD parts are used.

> Is there a warranty?

  • Yes.  If properly maintained operated under normal conditions, parts shall be free from any defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two (2) years from the sale date.  Gold plating is not suitable for polishing.

> How much does a custom part cost?

  • There is a base price for each kind of part to be engraved.  There�s a fee for the Art & Design if needed ($80). For multi-color designs, there�s a $15 charge for additional colors (the first color is included with the base price).  Gold plating adds $50.

Derby Covers  - $185      (Vrod -$155)

Inspection Covers - $115

Timer Covers  - $75

HyperCharger Trap Doors  - $75

Air Cleaner Covers for Twin Cams - $175

Road King Wind Deflectors - $215

Fuel Lids for the 'Glides'  & 'Classics' - $150

Top Cover for S&S Air Cleaner Covers - $195

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Shipping: All orders will be sent USPS Priority Mail,
unless other arrangements are made with Skullman Online.
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