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Alchemy of England Belt Buckles

Individually Hand Made in ENGLAND.
The Alchemy products are made from Fine Pewter, the safest tin-alloy
in use and is fully cadmium, nickel & lead compliant.
And all of Alchemy's pewter are 

Alchemy Gothic Buckles are all cast in solid English pewter, and are designed to be snapped onto standard 1½ " (37mm) belt straps.

War Band Buckle War Band Buckle
Part #: B99 --- $55.00
More Info
Sacred Heart Buckle Sacred Heart Buckle
Part #: B98 --- $85.00
More Info
Thunder Hammer Buckle Thunder Hammer Buckle
Part #: B96 --- $75.00
More Info
Ram's Skull Buckle Ram's Skull Buckle
Part #: B95 --- $80.00
More Info
Gestalt Skull Buckle Gestalt Skull Buckle
Part #: B94 --- $80.00
More Info
Nevermore Skull Buckle Nevermore Skull Buckle
Part #: B93 --- $70.00
More Info
1 1/2 inch Leather Belt 1 1/2 inch Leather Belt
Part #: L1B --- $20.50
More Info
Dracul's Creed Buckle Dracul's Creed Buckle
Part #: B89 --- $80.00
More Info
No Evil Buckle No Evil Buckle
Part #: B88 --- $80.00
More Info
Anima Machinato Futurus Buckle Anima Machinato Futurus Buckle
Part #: B85 --- $89.00
More Info
The Vulture's Eye Buckle The Vulture's Eye Buckle
Part #: B83 --- $89.00
More Info
Letter Of Marque Buckle Letter Of Marque Buckle
Part #: B75 --- $75.00
More Info
Wulven Buckle Wulven Buckle
Part #: B74 --- $80.00
More Info
Omega Skull Buckle Omega Skull Buckle
Part #: B69 --- $70.00
More Info
Gramilion Buckle Gramilion Buckle
Part #: B66 --- $85.00
More Info
Ossa Ravenhead Buckle Ossa Ravenhead Buckle
Part #: B37 --- $90.00
More Info
Nosferatu's Hand Buckle Nosferatu's Hand Buckle
Part #: B24 --- $85.00
More Info
Alchemist Rex Buckle Alchemist Rex Buckle
Part #: B13 --- $80.00
More Info
The Alchemist Buckle The Alchemist Buckle
Part #: B8 --- $45.00
More Info
Russian Roulette Buckle Russian Roulette Buckle
Part #: ULB7 --- $89.00
More Info
Death Valley Buckle Death Valley Buckle
Part #: ULB6 --- $95.00
More Info
Death Rod Buckle Death Rod Buckle
Part #: ULB5 --- $94.50
More Info
attoo Gun Buckle Tattoo Gun Buckle
Part #: ULB3 --- $94.50
More Info
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unless other arrangements are made with Skullman Online.
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